Sunday, 27 September 2009

GiveAway :)

why a giveaway???

Im doing a giveaway to thank all my old and new followers <3

What would i get ???

Snob Lipstick ( never used still in box ) this was my back-up but i no longer need this product because i have a lipstick very much like it already :)

I know this is not a massive giveaway but im sure you would love a free Mac Lipstick ( i would)


You have to be a blog follower

you have to post a link on your blog just to mention the giveaway

Just write enter me in the comments and a link to your blog :)

> Giveaway Ends 10.08.09

The Winner will be selected by me writing your names on a peice of paper putting them in a hat and my boyfriend selecting the winner :)


have a great sunday everyone

(snob review in the side bar) x

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Giveaway ???

hey girls , i tried to upload a blog sale the other night and had no luck :( so ive decided to do a giveaway every so often and use these products i have never used !!!

The first Giveaway will start tomorrow and it will be for snob lipstick !!!!

Which i have done a review on not so long ago !!

All you have to do is follow my blog and post somthing on your blog about my giveaway .. i know its not a massive giveaway but its somthing right???

thanks to all my new subs :)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

In and Out ( september issue)

hey lovelys , thought while i have time i will do an in and out blog post for you :)

*Barry M Nail Paint- it does take a while to dry but its soo worth it ( if you are as impatient as me then dip your nails in cold water for a few minutes - helps the varnish dry)

*Cheeky Bronze MSF - I love love love this product from MAC i can use it as a bronzer and it gices me a nice shimmer aswell.

*Twilight New Moon Trailer .. omg i can not wait for this to come out in november i watched the trailer and it gave me goose bumps ... amazing !!

* Simple face , black flicked out liner and statement lips !!!

* Wisper Gold - OMG i can not tell you how much i love this chocolate bar lol its heaven .. going to be very upset when they take it away again :(


* Cold Weather - Looks Like its winter early again this year , its soo cold where i live at the moment ( it did give me an excuse to buy a new coat like cheryl coles though ) hehe

* My Job - Looks like my job will only be here for me for a few more months so we will be living on 1 wage for a while but we will be fine!!

Snob Vs A Rose Romance

( snob is the one on the left , a rose romance is on the right)

OK so i was having a look at my lipstick collection a while ago and came across these 2 lipsticks by Mac and thought to my self i only needed one of these because they are nearly the same colour, was i wrong to think that??? mmmm
If you have a look at the swatches above you can see there is a little bit of a difference but nothing major .. for example a rose romance is lighter and more glossy because its a lustre finish. Snob had more of a purple tone and is more matte and darker ( snob is a satin finish)
Both lovely colours but if you have one of them i wouldn't rush out to get the other because they are close in colour but as you can see snob is a little darkerxx

Bio Oil Vs Rescue Oil

Bio Oil Retails Between £7.00 - £10.00 Its for stretch marks, uneven skin tone,ageing skin , scars and Dehydrated skin which sounds amazing so the last time i went into boots i picked up this beauty i also noticed that there was another brand like Bio oil yet cheaper and its called Rescue Oil

This is rescue oil which claims to do
the same as bio oil , MM i was not
convinced because this retails for about
£3.00!! i checked the back of the product
and the ingredients are pretty much the same
Jackpot??? I'm Afraid not :( the Bio Oil is actually
More expensive because its stronger so rescue oil
is the watered down version . It still works but
it would take longer than bio oil in the long run !!
This is My opinion , i ended up picking up just the bio oil although rescue oil is cheaper , the bio Oil to me has more benefits IE works faster !! I'm having a baby soon and although i am hoping i don't get stretch marks if i do i want something that's going to work on them super fast!!!
Let me know your opinions :)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Products i am using right now - 1

BedHead - Dumb Blonde (smells amazing and really good for damaged hair , not just for blondes)

BedHead - Moisture Manic ( Again this smells great and makes my hair feel and look healthy )
Leave In Conditioner - BedHead - Ego Boost

Styling products: I dont like to use too much product on my hair but i use a volume boost spray and a smoothing balm

Shower Gel: Yummy Yummy Yummy by Lush

Body moisturiser: Dove summer glow


Fake Tan:
Like alot of people I am currently embracing the pale , but the dove summer glow gives me a nice glow ( not really a tan ) i cant find a fake tan thats not like £20.00 that actually works :(

Cleanser: I just use a cleanser by Simple really cheap and does the job

Exfoliator: Neutrogena gentle exfoliating wash - really creamy for an exfoliator :)

Primer: I use a gosh Primer on and off , but at the moment im not using one.

Foundation brush: Use My Fingers i cant get on with a brush

Concealer: I only use this when i really have to , and i use MAC's Studio Sculpt Concealer but it can be quite dry for the eye area..

Blusher: This changes Every day , today i used Mac peaches and Mac's MSF cheeky Bronze over the top.

Bronzer: BarryM as a contour

Highlighter: I use one by Gosh But i cant find it to get the name .. ( 10 mins later) yep still cant find it .. i only used it today lol

Eyeshadow base: Not Using One at the moment , whats the best one to use ???

Eyeshadows: Again this changes every day but i use Temping , nylon and sable a lot ( all by MAC)

Eyeliner: A mac eyeliner but i havnt been wearing eyeliner much these few weeks

Lipstick: Myth by MAC 101 Barry M with a Tinted Lip Balm over the top

Lipgloss: not been wearing many to be honest .

Nail Colour: A deep red - my friend did them for me and cant remember the name of the color or brand :(

Our Baby

A while Ago me and my Boyfriend Found Out We was Having A baby and we was sooo Happy so i thought i would share the 12 week scan with all of you :)

Boy Or Girl What do You Think ??? :)

Look What Came in the Post

I am sooo Excited to use all of these products, when i have a will review all of them !!!

My Bedroom smells awesome with the box open :) not sure liam will love it though :)

Do you have a fave Lush Item That You think i should Try ?? Let me Know In the Comments :)

Friday, 11 September 2009

The 20 Questions Tag !!

This tag has been going around for a while now so I decided I'll post my answers here :) so you get to know me a little better!!

20 Questions ( Woop)

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?

I'm going to Cheat and say what everyone else puts but its true , i cannot leave the house without My Bag .. not just a normal size bag ooh no i have to have the biggest bag ever made just to carry my things around ( my boyfriend always asks if i have my kitchen sink in there :/ ) lol

In My Bag I have ... (just looking)

My Phone

My Make-up Bag

Hand Cream

2 Barry M nail paints (mint Green and Turquoise)

Hair Brush

2 Hair Clips

My camera

A wispa Gold ( heaven ladies)

The Book I am reading - My sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult (very good so far)

CoCo chanel mademoiselle Perfume (my fav)

A sock ( yes a sock lol )

£1.50 in 10p's

My purse

Cosmo Mag

About 4 Lipsticks ( all Mac Of Course)

And other Random Items :)

2. Favourite brand of makeup
MAC !!!!! My favourite drugstore brand is Revlon :)

3. Favourite flower
I'm not really into flowers but i do like daisies and pretty pink flowers :)
4. Favourite clothing store -Topshop, Zara , RiverIsland ( i do like H&M sometimes )

5. Favourite perfume
CoCo Chanel mademoiselle i do have quite a few perfumes i really like though ( which i will do a post about )

6. Heels or Flats
HEELS , i Love heels but they don't love my feet the tend to hurt after a while so i would say Flats for day time and Heels for night time :)

7. Do you make good grades
Yes At school i got A's B's and a few C's , at college i did hairdressing for 2 years which i loved but i just do that on the weekends now as i have a better paid job :) Which of Course i need for all the make-up and clothes i buy :)

8. Favourite colours
Coral and Turquoise , coral is such a pretty colour and i have been told it suits me , also turquoise makes me feel happy esp when i wear it on my nails :) ( Barry M is my Fav)

9. Do you drink energy drinks

I like Red Bull,But I don't drink it anymore because when your pregnant you cant have too much caffeine, im sure i will be on it again after the baby is born so i can keep up with he or she .

10. Do you drink juice
I tend to only really drink water but i do like orange juice and apple juice :)

11. Do you like swimming
I do but i have not been in soooo long ... I dont have the time with working ect ...

12. Do you eat fries with a fork
If i am in a posh restaurant then i will use a fork otherwise i just use my fingers :)

14. Do you want to get married later on in life
Yes I do it will hopefully be in the next few years :) i love my boyfriend soo much and we have been together 4 years now so i think its about time lol

15. Do you get mad easily
No i never get really mad it would take someone alot to make me mad but i get upset easily !!

16. Are you into ghost hunting
No I'm not into it , and i think if i ever saw a ghost i would Be soo scared and why would i want to do that to myself ( id properly give birth id be that scared lol)

17. Any phobias
Yes and people think its really silly but .... my phobia is ladybird / bugs that fly! I would cry if i was stuck in a room with them and i make liam get them out before i go to bed!!I'm also a germaphobe!

18. Do you bite your nails
No its abit gross when you think of the gems involved ..

20. Do you drink coffee
Only if it has chocolate in , but not on its own i hate it !!!

I Tag anyone that has not done this yet ( i bet the whole world has already done it lol keep up katie )


Hey Lovelys im back and for good :) incase you didnt know , my last blog was hacked so i lost all my followers :( ..... i will be UPDATING this blog as much as i can and i hope my old followers find my new blog because you are all awesome , i hope to also get some new followers who love make-up and fashion as much as me . My first Proper Post will Be a 20 questions post so you can get to know me abit better ..

I really Hope you enjoy my blog as much as im going to enjoy writing it :)

Missed You xxxx

Just for fun lol here is a funny picture of me from a while ago :)