Saturday, 12 September 2009

Look What Came in the Post

I am sooo Excited to use all of these products, when i have a will review all of them !!!

My Bedroom smells awesome with the box open :) not sure liam will love it though :)

Do you have a fave Lush Item That You think i should Try ?? Let me Know In the Comments :)


Lorien BeautyLove said...

Im currently using Celestial moisturizer, I love it but its only good for night time use! During the day it makes my face a grease ball! BUt it does hydrate my skin nicely :) Ive also used several of their bath bombs and LOVE these!!! I love bathing in pinkness :) xx

PrettyPinkGlitter said...

me 2 i love it when my bath turns pink :D x

Anonymous said...

I got a gift box from a friend back in April for my birthday and i left it open on my shelf for ages because of how awesome it smelt, i couldnt stop sniffing it lol! I think it was a supernova bath bomb but i still cant bear to use it up!

Ive had great sucsess with the skincare products- fresh farmacy and tea tree water but i think my fave body product is buffy- great exfoliator!