Saturday, 12 September 2009

Products i am using right now - 1

BedHead - Dumb Blonde (smells amazing and really good for damaged hair , not just for blondes)

BedHead - Moisture Manic ( Again this smells great and makes my hair feel and look healthy )
Leave In Conditioner - BedHead - Ego Boost

Styling products: I dont like to use too much product on my hair but i use a volume boost spray and a smoothing balm

Shower Gel: Yummy Yummy Yummy by Lush

Body moisturiser: Dove summer glow


Fake Tan:
Like alot of people I am currently embracing the pale , but the dove summer glow gives me a nice glow ( not really a tan ) i cant find a fake tan thats not like £20.00 that actually works :(

Cleanser: I just use a cleanser by Simple really cheap and does the job

Exfoliator: Neutrogena gentle exfoliating wash - really creamy for an exfoliator :)

Primer: I use a gosh Primer on and off , but at the moment im not using one.

Foundation brush: Use My Fingers i cant get on with a brush

Concealer: I only use this when i really have to , and i use MAC's Studio Sculpt Concealer but it can be quite dry for the eye area..

Blusher: This changes Every day , today i used Mac peaches and Mac's MSF cheeky Bronze over the top.

Bronzer: BarryM as a contour

Highlighter: I use one by Gosh But i cant find it to get the name .. ( 10 mins later) yep still cant find it .. i only used it today lol

Eyeshadow base: Not Using One at the moment , whats the best one to use ???

Eyeshadows: Again this changes every day but i use Temping , nylon and sable a lot ( all by MAC)

Eyeliner: A mac eyeliner but i havnt been wearing eyeliner much these few weeks

Lipstick: Myth by MAC 101 Barry M with a Tinted Lip Balm over the top

Lipgloss: not been wearing many to be honest .

Nail Colour: A deep red - my friend did them for me and cant remember the name of the color or brand :(


Lorien BeautyLove said...

I use the bedhead dumb blonde conditioner! Loooovee the smell - Like candy pineapple or something!!! Yumm!! You use some great products! Im so scared to try another Lush body wash because I used the um Rockstar Soap and it dried my skin out :( xx

PrettyPinkGlitter said...

rockstar soap is very drying but it smells sooo good , i will do a poper review of yummy yummy yummy :) xx