Saturday, 10 October 2009

Quick Update

Hey everyone the contest for the snob lipstick has now Ended!!!

Winner will be Confirmed Tuesday !!!


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

September Favs ( sorry its late )

sorry this post is late put ive been super busy !!

My September Favs

> Garnier - soft Essentials - replenishing day care moisturiser

OMG this is by far my favourate moisturiser ever , not only is it perfect for my sensitive skin , My skin gets a little dry in the winter and this really helps .
It makes my Skin GLOW even after putting powder on to set my foundation :) its amazing !!!
(full review to come )

>Studio Fix Powder - i didnt use this much in summer because i find that it makes me look abit cakey but with my new fav moisturiser it looks amazing :) and my face dosnt look dry .

>Aussie Miracle Hair - Leave In Conditioner
This smells amazing and has really helped keep my hair look its best and protects it against heat :)

>Dark nail polish - for me in autum winter deep reds and purple nail polish is the best !! never goes out of style :)

> Peach blusher - again this is a colour i only use in the autum winter because i think it suits my skin tone better :) peaches by mac is my fav :)

> Orange Juice - Because i have low iron this helps absorb the iron in food so i drink it with every meal :)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

GiveAway :)

why a giveaway???

Im doing a giveaway to thank all my old and new followers <3

What would i get ???

Snob Lipstick ( never used still in box ) this was my back-up but i no longer need this product because i have a lipstick very much like it already :)

I know this is not a massive giveaway but im sure you would love a free Mac Lipstick ( i would)


You have to be a blog follower

you have to post a link on your blog just to mention the giveaway

Just write enter me in the comments and a link to your blog :)

> Giveaway Ends 10.08.09

The Winner will be selected by me writing your names on a peice of paper putting them in a hat and my boyfriend selecting the winner :)


have a great sunday everyone

(snob review in the side bar) x

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Giveaway ???

hey girls , i tried to upload a blog sale the other night and had no luck :( so ive decided to do a giveaway every so often and use these products i have never used !!!

The first Giveaway will start tomorrow and it will be for snob lipstick !!!!

Which i have done a review on not so long ago !!

All you have to do is follow my blog and post somthing on your blog about my giveaway .. i know its not a massive giveaway but its somthing right???

thanks to all my new subs :)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

In and Out ( september issue)

hey lovelys , thought while i have time i will do an in and out blog post for you :)

*Barry M Nail Paint- it does take a while to dry but its soo worth it ( if you are as impatient as me then dip your nails in cold water for a few minutes - helps the varnish dry)

*Cheeky Bronze MSF - I love love love this product from MAC i can use it as a bronzer and it gices me a nice shimmer aswell.

*Twilight New Moon Trailer .. omg i can not wait for this to come out in november i watched the trailer and it gave me goose bumps ... amazing !!

* Simple face , black flicked out liner and statement lips !!!

* Wisper Gold - OMG i can not tell you how much i love this chocolate bar lol its heaven .. going to be very upset when they take it away again :(


* Cold Weather - Looks Like its winter early again this year , its soo cold where i live at the moment ( it did give me an excuse to buy a new coat like cheryl coles though ) hehe

* My Job - Looks like my job will only be here for me for a few more months so we will be living on 1 wage for a while but we will be fine!!

Snob Vs A Rose Romance

( snob is the one on the left , a rose romance is on the right)

OK so i was having a look at my lipstick collection a while ago and came across these 2 lipsticks by Mac and thought to my self i only needed one of these because they are nearly the same colour, was i wrong to think that??? mmmm
If you have a look at the swatches above you can see there is a little bit of a difference but nothing major .. for example a rose romance is lighter and more glossy because its a lustre finish. Snob had more of a purple tone and is more matte and darker ( snob is a satin finish)
Both lovely colours but if you have one of them i wouldn't rush out to get the other because they are close in colour but as you can see snob is a little darkerxx