Saturday, 10 October 2009

Quick Update

Hey everyone the contest for the snob lipstick has now Ended!!!

Winner will be Confirmed Tuesday !!!


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

September Favs ( sorry its late )

sorry this post is late put ive been super busy !!

My September Favs

> Garnier - soft Essentials - replenishing day care moisturiser

OMG this is by far my favourate moisturiser ever , not only is it perfect for my sensitive skin , My skin gets a little dry in the winter and this really helps .
It makes my Skin GLOW even after putting powder on to set my foundation :) its amazing !!!
(full review to come )

>Studio Fix Powder - i didnt use this much in summer because i find that it makes me look abit cakey but with my new fav moisturiser it looks amazing :) and my face dosnt look dry .

>Aussie Miracle Hair - Leave In Conditioner
This smells amazing and has really helped keep my hair look its best and protects it against heat :)

>Dark nail polish - for me in autum winter deep reds and purple nail polish is the best !! never goes out of style :)

> Peach blusher - again this is a colour i only use in the autum winter because i think it suits my skin tone better :) peaches by mac is my fav :)

> Orange Juice - Because i have low iron this helps absorb the iron in food so i drink it with every meal :)