Saturday, 19 September 2009

In and Out ( september issue)

hey lovelys , thought while i have time i will do an in and out blog post for you :)

*Barry M Nail Paint- it does take a while to dry but its soo worth it ( if you are as impatient as me then dip your nails in cold water for a few minutes - helps the varnish dry)

*Cheeky Bronze MSF - I love love love this product from MAC i can use it as a bronzer and it gices me a nice shimmer aswell.

*Twilight New Moon Trailer .. omg i can not wait for this to come out in november i watched the trailer and it gave me goose bumps ... amazing !!

* Simple face , black flicked out liner and statement lips !!!

* Wisper Gold - OMG i can not tell you how much i love this chocolate bar lol its heaven .. going to be very upset when they take it away again :(


* Cold Weather - Looks Like its winter early again this year , its soo cold where i live at the moment ( it did give me an excuse to buy a new coat like cheryl coles though ) hehe

* My Job - Looks like my job will only be here for me for a few more months so we will be living on 1 wage for a while but we will be fine!!


honeylove16 said...

Love the Barry M nail paints. I Need to buy more :) x

PrettyPinkGlitter said...

me 2 , i love the finish x

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

OMG I am in love with Wispa Golds at the moment! They are so nice!!


PrettyPinkGlitter said...

i know lol xx

Beauty Bible said...

I think I just wrote a comment for this blog on a different blog!? :S