Saturday, 19 September 2009

Bio Oil Vs Rescue Oil

Bio Oil Retails Between £7.00 - £10.00 Its for stretch marks, uneven skin tone,ageing skin , scars and Dehydrated skin which sounds amazing so the last time i went into boots i picked up this beauty i also noticed that there was another brand like Bio oil yet cheaper and its called Rescue Oil

This is rescue oil which claims to do
the same as bio oil , MM i was not
convinced because this retails for about
£3.00!! i checked the back of the product
and the ingredients are pretty much the same
Jackpot??? I'm Afraid not :( the Bio Oil is actually
More expensive because its stronger so rescue oil
is the watered down version . It still works but
it would take longer than bio oil in the long run !!
This is My opinion , i ended up picking up just the bio oil although rescue oil is cheaper , the bio Oil to me has more benefits IE works faster !! I'm having a baby soon and although i am hoping i don't get stretch marks if i do i want something that's going to work on them super fast!!!
Let me know your opinions :)


Laura said...

How far along are you? I'm having a baby too :) Think I'm going to get some of the Bio Oil soon! x

PrettyPinkGlitter said...

awww congrats , im 16 weeks now .. how far are you .. and yes the bio oil is a really good option just incase :) im going to start using it now to provent stretch marks :) x

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Conrats on your baby news!!! :) I love bio oil! I use it when my face needs a bit more hydration IE start of winter :)

PrettyPinkGlitter said...

good idea i might use it on my face 2 because it gets abit dry x

Laura said...

Congrats to you too :) I'm just over 14 weeks. Yeh know what you mean, always heard it was good. Gonna start using it myself soon too :) x

Anonymous said...

I havent really used Bio oil on stretch marks but have been useing it this month on old acne scars and allready seeing them fade.
I think if you use it regulary and start early you should get good results.
Congrats on your baby news! :)